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A leading regional media and technology company, ShareInvestor Pte Ltd (ShareInvestor) was founded in 1999 to empower investors to make informed investment decisions. SI focuses on providing investor relations, market data and investor education services, and operates the largest investor relations network in the region.  ShareInvestor has over 130 employees in four countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia). It has also made strategic investments in investor relations/public relations firm, Waterbrooks Consultants Pte Ltd, and Singapore’s leading social media platform for investors, Investing Note Pte Ltd.  

ShareInvestor provides online market data for multiple markets across its online platform tools ShareInvestor Station™, ShareInvestor WebPro™ and ShareInvestor Mobile. Its other products include Investor-One, a website on inverstor education, market news, corporate developments, and data analytics; as well as Inve$t, the e-magazine published weekly in Singapore and Malaysia.  Currently, ShareInvestor Platforms have a reach of approximately 300,000 people in the investment community, spanning from Baby Boomers to Gen Z.

ShareInvestor organises financial investment seminars and conferences for investors. Its annual large-scale events InvestFair™ in Singapore and Malaysia draws thousands of participants.

Valuation & Real Estate

With a team of industry veterans with more than 80 years of combined valuation and advisory service experience, we deliver a full suite of transactional and professional services. Transactional services provided by RHT Realty Pte Ltd (Licence No. L3010883C) cover sales and leasing across all asset classes and specialised work such as investment and enbloc sales.

Our professional services include property and business valuation. We leverage technology to enhance the valuation process, delivering accurate and prompt property and business valuations, including instant indicative valuations as well as comprehensive format valuation reports.

  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Enbloc / collective sales
  • Rental rates
  • Land parcels
  • Collective sales
  • Market intelligence
  • Plant and machinery
  • Secured lending and mortgage
  • Business and intangible assets
  • Mergers, acquisitions and disposal
  • Property tax and statutory acquisitions
  • Litigation and arbitration as expert witness
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial properties

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