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Future-ready digital finance solutions

Backed by the Founders of MAS-regulated digital asset exchange SDAX, we open new possibilities with future-ready digital asset technology solutions and platforms:

AlDigi Technologies
With deep expertise in distributed ledger technology, we develop and advise clients on customised digital finance solutions with the same level of trust, security and compliance clients expects from traditional capital markets.

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Verdant NFT
Verdant is a unique luxury boutique marketplace that provides the platform for collectors to seamlessly access and own authentic luxury items, providing an organised market for alternative asset classes. Verdant is focused on facilitating transactions of NFTs that are tethered to real-world asset classes that have been under-represented in the traditional market such as whiskey, fine wine, luxury watches and bags, thereby enabling collectors to Own More Effortlessly.

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Our services include:

As part of AlDigi Holdings, our services are complemented by deep expertise across traditional corporate finance, ESG fund management, and intellectual property. Visit to find out more about our integrated digital finance solutions.

AlDigi Holdings is an associated brand of the ONERHT integrated multidisciplinary platform of professional services.

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Group Chief Executive Officer
AlDigi Holdings

Frequently Asked Questions

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STOs use blockchain technology and smart contracts to represent the ownership of the underlying assets in a digital token. They are listed and traded on regulated digital asset exchanges which ensure transparency, regulatory compliance, and provide liquidity. STOs are not Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Anything with economic value. This includes traditional equities, real estate, immovable assets, financial derivatives, gold, art, collectables, and even intellectual property rights. The underlying assets are supported by professional appraisals and valuation reports.

We work with regulated Digital Asset Exchange partners which are licenced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Through our experience developing digital asset exchanges, we are familiar with the institutional grade security and technology risk management standards required to ensure your assets are secure, just as they would be with any licenced financial institution.

STOs are built on smart contracts powered by blockchain technology, providing greater transparency and efficiency. Leveraging its immutability, multiple data points such as corporate actions and non-financial features can be embedded into a digital token. Given these advantages, the cost of issuing an STO is much less than that of a traditional IPO.

The digital asset market is gaining significant momentum across global financial markets. STOs are becoming an increasingly important alternative tool for any asset owner to unlock value. Contact us to find out more.

Jayaprakash Jagateesan

Group Chief Executive Officer
AlDigi Holdings

Prakash has over 20 years of experience in leadership roles managing multidisciplinary professional services, including ONERHT. He has successfully led the building of and investments in various businesses, from new start-ups to growing market leaders and regulated entities. Prakash has driven fundraising and M&A efforts to fuel the growth of new businesses and led investors to successful exits.

As the co-founder and deputy chairman of SDAX Digital Asset Exchange, he was instrumental in its development and successfully secured a Recognised Market Operator licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Prakash is also a board member of AirCarbon Exchange.