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Dasverse Inc. Establishes Joint Venture with Singapore’s RHT AlDigi Financial Holdings, Strategic Partnership to Build Global Web3 Platform with Art and Fashion IP

(L-R) Vero Chung, CFO, Dasverse (Korea) Peter Park, CSO, Dasverse (Korea), James Hong CEO, DAS Universe,  Jayaprakash Jagateesan, Executive Director and Group CEO, AlDigi Group; Seck Hwee Lee, CFO, 1MetaWorld.

Dasverse Inc., a leading digital art platform company, has announced a strategic joint venture with Singapore’s RHT AlDigi Financial Holdings, an investment holding company of ONERHT, a multidisciplinary professional services group. This partnership is a significant step forward in accelerating innovation, development, and adoption of Web3 technologies.

The joint venture establishment ceremony took place on November 22 at RHT Aldigi Financial Holdings’ headquarters in Singapore. In attendance were Jayaprakash Jagateesan, Executive Director and Group CEO, AlDigi Group; Seck Hwee Lee, CFO, 1MetaWorld; and Peter Park, CSO, Dasverse. James Hong was appointed the CEO of the newly formed entity, DAS Universe.

Through this collaboration, the two companies aim to establish an integrated online and offline platform leveraging art and fashion IP content, targeting the global market with a focus on the Web3 ecosystem centered in Singapore. By combining Dasverse’s content IP, metaverse construction, and blockchain technology with RHT AlDigi Financial Holding’s financial and investment expertise, DAS Universe will offer various digital financial services, including art and fashion content IP-based STO products and digital asset AI trading solutions.

Tan Chong Huat, Non-Executive Chairman of DAS Universe, remarked “We are excited to be partnering Dasverse Inc. This joint venture will bring together our complementary strengths and expertise to create an innovative platform that will benefit our customers and the industry as a whole. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to innovation. I am incredibly excited to see what we can accomplish together and look forward to witnessing how this collaboration will shape the future of our industry.” 

“By merging the strengths of two companies leading the Web3 content and finance domains in Korea and Singapore, respectively, we have laid the foundation for global innovation,” stated James Hong, CEO of DAS Universe. “Korea and Singapore are cultural powerhouses at the forefront of global trends in art and fashion. Together with our extensive network of artists, designers, and global partners, we will establish a new digital economic ecosystem driven by Web3 innovation centered on digital lifestyles. Our vision is to evolve into a trusted global Web3 platform.”


ONERHT is an integrated multidisciplinary group of independent professional and specialist services. Since 2011, RHTLaw Asia’s founding team has developed its full-service legal offerings to a full suite of professional services comprising accounting, transactional support, valuation, tax, corporate services and consultancy. The specialist group started in 2013 focusing on the financial services sector. Since 2019, the specialist group has expanded to serve the digital technology sector and the digital economy with notable establishment and development of blockchain exchanges, web3 blockchain, digital art and metaverse platforms.

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About Dasverse Inc.

DASVERSE is a company pioneering the creation of a new cultural heritage based on “Culture Technology.” Particularly, it focuses on digitizing art and fashion IP to impart new value and safeguard the rights of creators. Leveraging DASVERSE’s distinctive technological prowess, digital content, born through the ‘Metaverse’ and ‘OTT services,’ engages with a broader audience. Utilizing blockchain technology, it undergoes a renaissance into various forms of digital assets, ensuring high reliability and stability, thus generating new economic value. DASVERSE is evolving into a global leader in the web3 domain, collaborating with leading artists, creators, and experts across fields, shaping the forefront of the era.

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