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Wealth & Asset Management

Fund Management
Within ONERHT, there are two fund management companies registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS):

  1. RHT DigiCapital
    Driven by ESG consciousness, RHT DigiCapital provides access to investment opportunities across real estate, alternative asset classes, as well as green solutions.
  2. Carrington RHT Investments

Carrington RHT Investments

Founded by experienced bankers and entrepreneurs, Carrington RHT Investments is committed to help clients achieve their personal finance goals and objectives. It focuses on private equity, asset protection advisory and legacy planning, high growth, crypto and related businesses.

Direct Investments
We work with early-stage start-ups in need of seed funding. Through partnerships with visionary entrepreneurs, Carrington Direct Investments bridges the gap from seed funding to growth stage companies.

Private Client Services
We provide family office set-up, investment management, family governance and philanthropy, asset management and preservation and other related types of family office services through Carrington Private Client Services.

Visit https://www.carringtonrhtwealth.com/ for more information.

Intellectual Property

Innovation holds the key to success. We help our clients identify, acquire or create intellectual property assets, protect and manage them, and, ultimately, gain returns from investments in these assets. We work with a global network of partners to help our clients unlock the potential of their IP assets from ideation to commercialisation.

Backed by experienced IP professionals, we provide a one-stop service no matter where you are in your IP life cycle. We help clients manage their IP portfolio holistically so that the value invested in the IP will be protected and enhanced while they focus on driving your business. Our key services include:

  • IP audit
  • IP development roadmap
  • IP/technology landscaping
  • Market landscaping
  • Freedom-to-operate analysis
  • IP due diligence
  • IP management
  • IP policy
  • Freedom-to-operate
  • IP mining
  • IP registration
  • IP acquisition
  • Valuation
  • Strategic partnerships

As part of AlDigi Holdings, our intellectual property advisory services are complemented by deep expertise across traditional corporate finance, ESG fund management and digital asset technology solutions. Visit www.aldigi.co to find out more about our integrated digital finance solutions.

AlDigi Holdings is an associated brand of the ONERHT integrated multidisciplinary platform of professional services.

Valuation & Real Estate

With a team of industry veterans with more than 80 years of combined valuation and advisory service experience, we deliver a full suite of transactional and professional services. Transactional services provided by RHT Realty Pte Ltd (Licence No. L3010883C) cover sales and leasing across all asset classes and specialised work such as investment and enbloc sales.

Our professional services include property and business valuation. We leverage technology to enhance the valuation process, delivering accurate and prompt property and business valuations, including instant indicative valuations as well as comprehensive format valuation reports.

  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Enbloc / collective sales
  • Rental rates
  • Land parcels
  • Collective sales
  • Market intelligence
  • Plant and machinery
  • Secured lending and mortgage
  • Business and intangible assets
  • Mergers, acquisitions and disposal
  • Property tax and statutory acquisitions
  • Litigation and arbitration as expert witness
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial properties

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