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Promoting Green Growth

We are at a critical moment in time. The world is currently using more resources than it can replenish, and organisations worldwide, including ONERHT, are working towards finding ways to reduce their carbon emissions or use renewable resources to be more environmentally conscious.

With our team of sustainability consultants and the synergies of ONERHT’s multidisciplinary ecosystem, RHT Green advises our clients on sustainable value creation strategies, supporting their efforts to achieve purposeful growth from strategy through to execution.

We adopt environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles to transform businesses towards a greener future, delivering sustainability solutions in the following key areas:

Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Carbon Footprint

Waste Management

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable building

Renewable energy & technology

Sustainability Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We will assist companies to take a holistic view and develop an integrated sustainability strategy which addresses environmental, social and other factors. Most companies will need to augment the way they operate to meet ESG and sustainability goals, change management starts from leaders and need to be cascaded to employees. Companies which are serious about incorporating sustainability into their business and operational decisions would need to engage their employees in order to create a culture of collective responsibility towards these goals.

We assist companies to perform an audit of your activities and processes to derive the current carbon footprint and work with you to develop plans to achieve your desired goals.

We will first assess the premises to explore strategies towards a sustainable office design. We can first conduct a gap analysis and advise on potential improvements, as well as assess the impacts of upgrading works. Subsequently, we can develop a detailed technical proposal that can be used to secure green building loans. We work with partners to enable green transformation and achieve long term objectives.

We believe sustainability strategy transcends across value chains and domains. With our team’s multi-disciplinary expertise, we offer holistic advisory and consultation to meet your organisation’s needs, be it to tackle concepts such as green buildings, circular economy, sustainability disclosure or ESG financing.

Philip Lim

Director and Principal Consultant
RHT Green

Philip has over 22+ years experience in the energy industry. A Singaporean, he worked for Chevron from 1998 to October 2020 in Singapore, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai across M&As, corporate business development, strategy and sustainability.

He also served as a start-up founder for Chevron’s digital venture in China in 2015 where he built up an B2C ecosystem for fuel and lubricants solutions leveraging eCommerce and technology. In the course of his career, Philip has led the origination and evaluation of investment opportunities, secured strategic partnerships, directed deal teams in due diligence, financial and commercial analysis, complex negotiations and contracting in the energy space.

He was Chairman of Chevron Hong Kong Ltd and also worked for Johnson & Johnson and Singapore Airlines earlier in his career.

Philip has a Master’s of International Management from the University of California’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, a Bachelor’s of Political Science and Economics from the National University of Singapore and is an alumni of INSEAD and IMD.