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COVID-19: Message from Chief Executive Officer Jayaprakash Jagateesan

Dear Valued Client,

The COVID 19 pandemic affects all of us in different ways across the world, and it is not going away so soon.  The situation is constantly evolving, and we believe that the world will be a different place after this is over.  Customer behaviour and the operating models of many businesses will change.  This poses a tremendous challenge to all of us.  Our ability to anticipate and adapt to change quickly in an ever-changing world will determine how well we will survive this pandemic.

Measures in place

Despite being in Week 1 of the circuit-breaker, our readiness to assist you is unwavered.  Prior to the circuit breaker, we have already stepped up precautionary measures and organised ourselves into split teams in two physical offices; bolstered by a work from home arrangement within each team since January this year.  We have invested heavily in technology that enables us to work remotely.  Video and telephone conferences have replaced physical meetings.

Business As Usual During Circuit Breaker Period

During this circuit breaker period, it is business as usual for us.  We remain contactable and are committed to ensure responsive and uninterrupted client support in all that we do for you; despite the additional measures put in place.

Accessing RHT Group of Companies offices

Access to our offices during this period is restricted and subject to the strict guidelines issued by the authorities.

We are here for you

We will get through this together, and we stand united with you to help you overcome your challenges during this period.  Please let us know if we may assist you in any way.

Stay clean, stay vigilant and stay safe.

Jayaprakash Jagateesan 
Chief Executive Officer

Reach out to our COVID-19 Response Team for assistance

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